Black Onyx Launch Events – Part 2, Singapore

As we mentioned in part one of this post, May was a highlight on the calendar as Black Onyx was unveiled to Rangers Valley customers globally.

After two fantastic launch events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we briefly returned home to Glen Innes, Australia to regroup (and eat some healthy food for a week), then it was back in the skies and over to Singapore.

The Prime Society at Dempsey Hill and talented Australian Chef, Dallas Cuddy hosted us for the night and gave diners a Black Onyx degustation to remember: Four courses of Black Onyx Beef, with a teaser of our ultra exclusive brand, Black Market thrown in for a taste of amazing things ahead.

Here’s a few photos from the evening (click on the image to enlarge:

Black Onyx Launch Singapore Menu

The fantastic venue- The Prime Society

The Black Onyx Beef, ready for careful preparation by Dallas and his team.

Black Onyx Launch Singapore Dry Aged


Black Onyx Eye Round, Pickled Watermelon, Mustard Seeds


Black Market Flat Iron, Fermented Vegetables, Green Juices


If you would like to order Black Onyx beef, please get in touch with one of our distributors, listed here.

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