Check out our Black Onyx Cattle!

We talk about our Black Onyx beef plenty here but how about the beautiful animals that make our product so special?

Black Onyx Cattle are pure 100% Angus parentage, from a pure Black Angus Sire and pure Black Angus Dam.

This means amazing eating quality, which you can read about here. It also makes for some good-looking friends on the farm. Take a look:

Young Cattle

These little guys get to roam around and feed on this pristine forage sorghum as they please. Not a bad life!

Black Onyx Cattle

Our handsome Black Onyx Cattle, you’ll have to excuse the muddy mouth!

…and a couple of shots of them on our picturesque farm in Glen Innes, NSW.

McManamee Jock Frost 2008

Rangers Valley Station




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